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By Majid Sarrafzadeh

ISBN-10: 981021488X

ISBN-13: 9789810214883

Discussing algorithmic facets of VLSI structure, this article contains assurance of: matters in timing pushed structure; LP formula of world routeing and site; Stockmeyer's floorplan optimization procedure; the long island and knock-knee routeing modes; and parallel algorithms for placement.

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N x ¯i and one minimizes with respect to the variable y; it will be advantageous to take for x¯i a “nominal” variation range for xi , which makes yi dimensionless. To choose the scale factors x ¯i , the following rule serves as a guide. Let an increment δ be given to the variable i; it yields an increment ∆i for the function h. e. roughly independent of i). Bibliographical Comments Recall again that the methods of the present chapter have a theoretical value only; they can be found in [71]; see [79] for a study of Gauss-Seidel.

3, our problem (P ) is to find d such that g(xk +d) = 0; to obtain the model-problem (Pk ), we then neglect the term o(|d|); this gives the linearized problem g(xk )+ g (xk )d = 0. Its solution is dN = −[g (xk )]−1 g(xk ) (when g (xk ) is invertible), and the next iterate is xN = xk + dN . In the case of an optimization problem, g is the gradient of f , g = f is its Hessian. Just as g was approximated to first order, f can be approximated to second order: 1 f (xk + d) = f (xk ) + (f (xk ), d) + (d, f (xk )d) + o(|d|2 ) .

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