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Thus, North American's F'-86 Sahre (41 above In America, a USAF, right) first became the USAF's first swept-wing fighter. Lockheed's F-104 Starfighter (42 right) was the world's operational fighter aircraft capable of sustained flight at speeds in excess of Mach 2. Tailored neatly around a powerful turbojet engine, its elongated fuselage and short-span wings made it look more like missile than aircraft. Not surprisingly, it needed a long take-off run, and the illustration shows a Lufttvaffe F-I()4G involved in a zero-length launch test, being hurtled into the air by a large booster rocket.

For basic training, the \eteran Tif;er Moth had been replaced at first by the Hunting Perci\al I'rmiisl. With this more powerful trainer the RAF initiated what became known as the Provostj fast, fighters, I umpire training sequence. When somewhat revised Jet Prtffost{3l above)becamea\ailable, RAF a Flying Training 28 Command began an ex- periment, in August 1955, to see whether piston-engined or jet-engined basic trainers were the best approach to flying turbine-powered fighter aircraft. In the competitive experiment which followed it soon became clear that the Jfet Prtwust was best, and the type became the RAF's turbine-powered basic trainer.

If a situation they can call develops that needs land or air action, for helicopters to bring in troops, or direct strike aircraft to blast enemy positions. • iXV i Jl-^-^ It Civil 1933 Transport The greatest revolution in ci\il transport aircraft came in when the Boeinj? Company in America introduced their Model 247 (83 right). Less well-known than some of the aircraft that superseded it, the 247 was the progenitor of the modern airliner. A well streamlined low-wing monoplane, powered by two 550 hp Pratt & Whitney radial engines, it had retractable landing gear to reduce drag in Hight and w as the first transport aircraft to ha\e a de-icing system for wings and tail unit.

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