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Additionally, we see that there are two constraints formulated regarding a “type”-string of the Track's ports. In this example, these constraints are necessary to determine the in-Port and out-Port of the Track. For simplicity, these constraints were not reflected in the rule's graphical representation in Figure 4. 3 QVT-Core is not restricted to just one mapping node in the bottom pattern of a rule. However, the QVT specification does not seem to intend the use of more than one. Reconciling TGGs with QVT 21 Listing 1.

Currently, most transformation technologies do not very well support reuse and composition of subtransformations as high-level building blocks. One of the causes is the fuzzy distinction between specification, implementation and execution of transformations [2]. We define these terms as follows: Implementation is the transformation source code, as seen by the developer. For many common transformation languages this comes down to a set of mapping rules. Specification is the documentation that describes how a transformation behaves, independently of its concrete implementation.

A single transformation rule in QVT-Core as shown here is called a mapping. The patterns in a mapping are structured in three columns2, called areas, each consisting of a guard pattern and a bottom pattern. The bottom patterns represent the model elements which are actually brought into relationship by this mapping. The guard patterns specify the context which is required for this relation to hold. The outer columns, which contain the patterns belonging to the different involved models, are called the domain areas.

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