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Because the Nineteen Seventies Gary Watson has released a chain of extraordinary and hugely influential essays on human motion, analyzing such questions as: in what methods are we unfastened and never unfastened, rational and irrational, dependable or no longer for what we do? ethical philosophers and philosophers of motion will welcome this assortment, representing the most very important our bodies of labor within the box.

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Seeing At this point, let us put this apparatus, creaky though it may be, to work. In order to get our problem going, we will put the distinctions we have drawn to work in the con­ text of perception. We will consider perceptual knowledge and perceptual belief, taking examples from visual percep­ tion. " Well, often these are quite different. They are not as similar as they are taken to be; nevertheless, we will talk about vision to start with. Seeing is believing. Well, perhaps some seeing is know­ ing.

But, with the development of modern theories of light, this reasoning vanished because all you need to see blue is a certain wave­ length of light at your eyes; you do not need to suppose that the object is blue, in any interesting sense. Let me speak of the aesthetically interesting sense of blue, the sense of blue which artists are concerned with, the kind of blue which is exciting, depressing, makes a nice contrast and so on. You see, in ordinary naive experience, we think of color in the nice, aesthetic sense as where?

L......... 17 (a) A sensation of a blue rectangle. (b) b l u e r e ctangle. W e A causal connection producing a sensation. (c) might call it a sensa- Light rays. (d) The Mind. tion of a blue rectangle. When we are perceiving the book and, in some special sense, seeing the blue and rectangular surface of the book, what we are seeing is out there in this tough sense, right where the book is. Philosophers tended to say, "Well, really that's somehow a radical illusion of some kind. " This is a move which is very tempting to make: we are conscious of the blue rec­ tangular expanse but it is a sensation.

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