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Export Financing and Payment Insurance 49 U. Tax Incentives 57 V. Export Trading Companies, Export Trade Certificates of Review, and Export Management Companies 57 W. Translation 67 X. Foreign Branch Operations, Subsidiaries, Joint Ventures, and Licensing 67 Chapter 3. Exporting: Sales Documentation 68 A. Isolated Sales Transactions 68 1. Importance of Written Agreements 68 2. Telex or Facsimile Orders 69 3. The Formation of Sales Agreements 69 4. Common Forms for the Formation of Sales Agreements 71 a.

Preshipment inspection certificate 138 4-10. Marine insurance policy 139 4-11. Marine insurance certificate 158 4-12. Standard form for presentation of loss or damage claim 160 4-13. Request for information for insurance claim 163 4-14. Dock receipt 164 4-15. Consular invoice 166 4-16. Certificate of origin 168 4-17. NAFTA certificate of origin and instructions 169 4-18. Certificate of free sale 171 4-19. Delivery instructions 172 4-20. Delivery order 173 4-21. Special customs invoice (Canada) 175 4-22.

Requests for Information 343 Page ix T. Notices of Action 343 U. Protests 343 V. Administrative Summons 347 W. Search Warrants 347 X. Grand Jury Subpoenas 347 Y. Seizure Notices 352 Z. Prepenalty Notices 362 AA. Penalty Notices 362 BB. Customs Audits 362 CC. Prior Disclosure 369 DD. Court of International Trade 369 EE. Appeals 369 FF. Offers of Compromise 375 GG. ITC and Commerce Questionnaires 375 Part IV Specialized Exporting and Importing 377 Chapter 9. Specialized Exporting and Importing 379 A.

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