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In complicated visible simple 6, major visible uncomplicated professional Matthew Curland demonstrates powerhouse suggestions programmers can use to write down high-performance, powerful, and reusable VB code. Readers leverage the shut relationships among VB, COM, and OLE Automation, extending the envelope of VB's functions and construction top of the range, object-based structures. Key subject matters contain how to:* regulate VB array variables explicitly to without delay entry arbitrary reminiscence destinations* name tips to common, cdecl, and sophistication module capabilities* mixture whole interface implementations into any VB item* Override capabilities on any interface, together with these carried out immediately by way of VB* flip any user-defined kind right into a light-weight COM item* reduce reminiscence utilization in structures with lots of gadgets* appropriately create and deal with threads in ActiveX EXEs and DLLs* have interaction with messages to customise windowed and windowless UserControl objects.The website accompanying this booklet includes large resource code samples to let all ideas with no exterior DLLs. It additionally presents built-in variety library add-ins for developing and modifying referenced libraries, editing binary compatibility records, and customizing the kind libraries that VB generated for ActiveX parts. With this compendium of top practices, refined concepts, and invaluable utilities, VB programmers will achieve a deeper figuring out of VB's internal workings and be capable of expand its object-oriented features.

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So for a compiled executable, your code can simply ignore the fact that you have a multi-dimensional array. You simply need to know the lower bound of the first dimension and the total number of items in the array. There is no need to modify the array descriptor. I'll use a reduced version of NormalizeArray called CountArrayElements to determine the element count. pvData = 0 End With End With CountArrayElements = lSize End Function 36 ADVANCED VISUAL BASIC 6 'New, simplified calling code. Note that the error 'trapping is no longer necessary as the error handler 'was needed only to restore the array descriptor.

The routine relies on the simple trick of temporarily setting the array descriptor's FADF_STATIC flag so that a call to SafeArrayDestroyData does not actually release the array's memory block. In order to modify the fFeatures field, I use a module-level descriptor/array pair that enables reading and modification of the descriptor directly. The alternative is to use CopyMemory to get the data into or out of the descriptor. In an FADF_STATIC array, ClearArrayData is equivalent to the Erase statement.

For example, a structure with {Long, Integer} has a LenB of 6 and a cbElements of 8, but {Integer, Integer, Integer} has a LenB of 6 and a cbElements of 6 as well. The easiest way to determine the element count is to ask the array itself: look at the cbElements field, or use the SafeArrayGetElemsize API. UDif(VarPtrd), VarPtr(0)). The one thing you can't assume is that the element size and LenB are equivalent for anything other than simple types. Memory Layout of Multi-Dimensional Arrays SafeArrays use a row-major layout, unlike C+ + , which uses a column-major layout.

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