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ReadLine(); } When the client is started, the output wiU show a behavior consistent with the "normal" object -oriented way of thinking; the value that is returned is the same value you set two lines before (see Figure 3-3). Figure 3-3. Client's output for a Singleton object The same is true for the server, as Figure 3-4 shows. 34 Remoting in Action Figure 3-4. Server's output for a Singleton object An interesting thing happens when a second client is started afterwards. This client wiU receive a value of 42 directly after startup without your setting this value beforehand (see Figures 3-5 and 3-6).

GetObjectO, upon which it places two calls to getNewlnstanceO to acquire two different remote CAOs. Listing 3-9. soap'')j Console. WriteLine ("Client. getValueO) j Console. ReadLine()j } } } When this sample is running, you see that the client behaves nearly identically to the previous example, but the second object's value has been set using the object's constructor, which is called via the factory (Figure 3-11). On the server a factory object is generated, and each new instance is created using the overioaded getNewlnstanceO method (Figure 3-12).

When you want to publish a certain object instance that's been precreated on the server-for example, one using a nondefault constructor-neither alternative provides you with a solution. In this case you can use Remoting5ervices. Marshal () to publish a given instance that behaves like a Singleton afterwards. The only difference is that the object has to already exist at the server before publication. Marshal( obj, "YourUrl. soap"); 36 Remoting in Action II the server will keep running until keypress.

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