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In such an example, the opportunity cost of the land under improved fallows is equal to the net benefits the farming household would have received from the traditional maize cultivation system on a per hectare basis, times the land area under fallow. g. green manuring with legumes). In this event, net benefits from manuring with legumes on a per hectare basis times the land area under fallow will be equal to the opportunity cost of a fallow practice. 1 and equal to Ct in Eq. 2) entirely borne by the farming household, but also the household must start paying for them from the moment a practice is chosen for implementation.

In the absence of any policy, farmers will adopt level QP, which is suboptimal from society’s viewpoint Marginal cost (individual) Marginal benefits (global society) Marginal costs and benefits of agroforestry adoption Marginal benefits (national society) Marginal benefits (individual) 0 QP QN QG Level of agroforestry adoption Fig. 4. Regional and global level trade-offs between the costs and benefits of agroforestry systems at a given point in time. N. Izac because it does not take into account most of the ecosystem services of agroforestry systems.

Resource-poor small-scale farmers in the tropics are highly vulnerable to risks (Kanbur and Squire, 2000) and generally concerned about their survival in farming from one year to the next. It is therefore likely that, even if they were aware of the medium- and long-term benefits of adoption, most farmers would value these future benefits relatively less than immediate benefits. This is because they occur over a period of time of little relevance to their immediate needs. In other words, the discount rate of relevance to farmers in tropical countries to be used in Eq.

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ADC Standards (HVAC, Flexible,American Duct Council)

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