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By Charnock Bradley

In the course of contemporary years the sensation that there has been room for a publication in English facing the anatomy of the puppy has been progressively gaining floor. no doubt, within the opinion of many, the space may be safely stuffed in basic terms through a scientific treatise just like the vintage A natomie des Hundes of Ellenberger and Baum. until eventually a few such paintings makes its visual appeal, possibly the current book may well function a short lived technique of offering the deficiency. For numerous purposes it was once determined to introduce the topic of canines anatomy to theE nglish reader within the type of brief notes deliberate to help him in his wish to receive first-hand wisdom through dissection. Herein are given instructions which adventure has proven might help the scholar to exhibit some of the organs and constructions in an orderly and ecocnomic demeanour. The descriptions which stick to are purposely given within the briefest attainable shape, so that the dissection of the entire animal might be finished inside of an inexpensive size of time. whereas essentially meant for the counsel of the coed who proposes to hitch the ranks of a occupation which already encompasses a reasonable variety of experts whose paintings necessitates an in depth wisdom of the anatomy of the puppy, it really is was hoping that those notes might be of a few provider to the coed of comparative anatomy who needs to achieve an acquaintance with the constitution of an simply acquired mammal. The nomenclature herein hired is that that may be referred to as theB aden andS tuttgart amendment of the B.N.A. of the human anatomist; and, if no longer ideal, is infinitely higher than the nondescript nomenclature, crowded with synonyms, previously present in works on comparative anatomy. My thank you are as a result of my colleague, Mr. W. M. Mitchell, M.R.C.V.S., for tips in lots of instructions; and to the publishers for the cordial demeanour during which they've got met my feedback. zero. CHARNOCK BRADLEY. Edi
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Organs contained within the chest are pass to and The heart lies between the lungs and is enclosed the heart and the two limes. Between the first - The lungs arc lateral to the heart and fibro-serous sac, the pericardium. the greater part of the thoracic cavity. Except where it is connected with the heart by large blood-vessels, and where it is joined to the trachea by the in a till bronchus, each lung lies free in its own side of the thorax. A serous membrane, the />/' urn, covers each lung and lines the corresponding part of the thoracic wall.

Sir rut hi TO. llr >la m. I at is si hi (/• I eaudaUt 8 us dorti Aorta CEso mm. u. inttrcoslales filirritiaistiPt- obliquus iii. abdominis alernus m. rectus abdominis j m. transvirsus thoracis 5 m. peetoralis profundustn. peetoralis superflcialU Fio. 10. — Transverse section of the thorax 4, 5. t>. 7 on a level fourth, fifth, sixth, with the eighth thoracic vertebra. and seventh ribs. mediastinal pleura (pleura mediastinal is). Close to the sternum the pleurae are intimately associated and a thin double membrane is produced.

A careful examination of the omentum discloses the fact that it is formed by two membranes; or, rather, by one membrane pelvis folded on itself so that the folded margin lies in the region of the Still closer examination shows that right side of the abdomen. , and the Two ventral there are really four layers of peritoneum in its constitution. layers are closely applied to each other, and two dorsal layers are similarly Between the united layers there may be a considerable intimately related. accumulation of fat.

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