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9. , a single lexeme may belong to several word classes. 1. 1 Ma˝vea noun classes Open class Closed class Free Personal names Calendar and vocatives Proper Bound Locatives and relationals Noun Free Nouns Common Bound Body parts and kinship terms Free Independent pronouns Pronoun Bound Affixes and clitics All nouns have in common the fact that they are referential. They refer to an abstract or physical entity in the world. In the following sections, each subclass is reviewed. 1 Proper nouns Proper names can be subdivided into: personal names, calendar names, vocatives, relational terms, and locatives.

Although [f] started as an allophone of /v/, it may now be gaining ground as an independent phoneme. Crowley (2004:14) notes the instability of [f] and [v] in Bislama. He goes on to argue that if a merger takes place, it is in the direction of the voiceless consonant. This observation has implications for Ma˝vea. The consultants were all bilingual in Bislama. Those who use [f] even in intervocalic position are well educated. It is likely that Bislama influences their speech style, and similarly the speech of other Ma˝vea speakers.

108) natu- ‘son’ vanatu- ‘daughter’ palia- ‘father-in-law’ vopalia- ‘mother-in-law’ Some traditional male names are formed on common nouns. ’ As such, personal names form an open class. Other traditional personal names could be construed as sentences. (109) Mo-l-to aima. ’ Personal names also include names of animals that are personalized in stories. ’ 1 SG . 2 Calendar names There are no words for the days of the week in Ma˝vea, but there are words for the months. The complete list with explanations on the meaning of the terms is given in (112).

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