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By Nietzsche, Friedrich Wilhelm; Buck, Keith; Fornari, Giuseppe; Nietzsche, Friedrich Wilhelm

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This, then, was a case of murder, and the repetitive, pervasive character of the plot presupposed a whole persecutory apparatus, a group intrigue, a lynching. Such reactions were favored by the conditions in which the patient found himself, and by the climate of apotropaic brutality characteristic of psychiatric institutions,23 but that only served to highlight certain experiences and dynamics that had been present in Nietzsche’s life and mind for a long time. Evacuation had at first carried degrading and grotesque meanings; now it became the failure of food, demonstrating the inanity of its purpose, the real poison taking away its ontological effectiveness, and turning it into its opposite.

27 March. ” [. ] 1 April. Smeared with excrement [Kot geschmiert]. “I ask you for a dressing The Eternal Recurrence of Madness gown for radical redemption [zur gründlichen Erlösung]. ” [. ] 5 April. Urinates in his boot and drinks from it [Uriniert in den Stiefel und trinkt den Urin]. 17 April. ” 18 April. Eats excrement [Ißt Kot]. 19 April. Writes illegibly on the walls. ” [. ] 16 May. ” [. ] 16 June. Asks repeatedly for help against torture at night. [. ] 2 July. Urinates in the drinking glass [Uriniert in sein Wasserglas].

1 Mann, a writer who took Nietzsche as his much-admired model, is a good example to show us the tricks and the rather obscure ends that have helped to foster the syphilis legend. The strategies set up by Mann to give credit to the rumor display a clear desire on his part to manipulate the data. ”3 The angelic youth just manages to save himself from these diabolical figures by sitting down at a piano, but—the writer adds—he was to remain marked by a “trauma,” that a year later—and this is the arbitrary passage—led him to repeat the experience in earnest, and so caused him to contract the fatal infection.

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